Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The Wisconsin state legislature just passed UW Birth Control Ban-AB343, a measure that will ban the University of Wisconsin system fromfilling prescriptions for, counseling or even mentioning birth controlor emergency contraceptives in their health clinics--without even anexemption for situations arising from sexual assaults. The sponsor ofthe bill proposed it on the grounds that "dispensing birth controlleads to promiscuity"--when the reality, demonstrated clearly by aplethora of clinical studies, is that access to birth control andemergency contraceptives does not lead to any such increase, but doeslead to a drastic reduction in abortions and unwantedpregancies--especially for college students, a demographic categorythat undergoes a relatively high rate of a) sexual assaults; and b) unexpected sexual encounters. So, why would the "pro-life" legislators of Wisconsin ban somethingthat reduces the number of abortions and unwanted pregnancies? Simple. Many of us have made the mistake for far too long ofgenuinely believing that the anti-choice movement was, from a religouspoint of view, interested in the lives of unborn children. But it isclear, in light of this and many other proposed pieces of legislationon a national level that would in fact increase unwanted pregnancy andabortion rates, that these people are interested only in forcing womenback into a state of submission in which pregnancy is a punishment forwhat they consider to be immoral behavior--regardless of what theeconomic and social consequences of those pregnancies may be for themothers and children involved.But just remember: a woman's place is in the house. And the senate.And the oval office. Make it so

.In concluding, I would like to ask the state legislators of Wisconsina question: if they're interested in curtailing promiscuity, why notjust ban alcohol from college towns? I'm sure that leads to morepromiscuity than access to birth control. Oh wait, I think I know theanswer: it's because men like to drink too. Can't curtail ourfreedoms! And what about condoms? Wouldn't they promote promiscuityin the same way?You know, I really can't wait for the "male pill" to become available. I can't wait to see the onus of preventing pregancy undergo acomplete paradigm shift, and watch the immoral position of thesemisogynistic fundamentalists crumble under the weight of its ownhypocrisy.

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