Tuesday, September 20, 2005


To some, white is black and black is white. In the latest version of topsy-turvy, Nick Danger at Redstate argues that Bush is actually a brilliant economic strategist because our massive borrowing is apparently preventing China from building battleships. and debt always gets rolled over and doesn't have to get repaid, and the Democrats need to stop talking about the children becuase nobody's going to have to pay it until the sun burns out.

I could go into the fact that we've spent $335 BILLION in interest on the public debt so far this fiscal year, but that would be boring. I don't want to get into how laughable this argument is--it's so ridiculous that even the commenters at Redstate all know better (you can venture over there and read the link--they won't bite unless you post something).

Thankfully for us, we have Bonddad over at Daily Kos. I don't know whether he maintains a site of his own--if he did I'd link to it in a heartbeat--but failing that, here's his refutation of that whole stunning piece of illogic, more concise and well-put than I could have constructed. I cannot believe that all these people who call themselves conservatives are now trying to justify a regime that spends more recklessly than LBJ ever thought possible--and that according to the Cato Institute.

The more these diehards place party loyalty above ideology, much less credibility, the worse off they'll be in 2006. Or at least, that's what logic would dictate. Let's see if it happens.

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