Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Would anyone like to know why I just put down a deposit on a Prius?

Here you go:

Seriously. If this thing hits the gulf coast again or the Port of Houston, we could be looking at another disaster and, in the absence of a decent alternative energy solution, we could be seeing oil prices that go beyond the absurd--and I'd rather be as insulated from that as possible.

It makes me feel kind of bad too, because when I was in the dealership a couple of weeks ago to put the money down on it, I looked at the mandatory sticker that informs the customer about the percentage of US content in the vehicle--and when the number I was a big fat zero, I got kind of an icky feeling. I mean, I'm a big believer in balancing the trade deficit, and I know that when I buy a Japanese car, I'm really not helping to curb the outflow of American capital to Asia--but there's a reason that Toyota has waiting lists two months long on the Prius and Nissan is the fastest-growing car company there is, while GM has to offer employee discounts just to get some cars sold. GM counted on a continuance of the policy of style and bravado over quality and economics--and is getting hammered for it. And as a result, the American economy is suffering.

The shortsightedness of American business and government is appalling. Their utter disregard for economic cycles, for the concerns of peak oil, for environmental destruction, and for every single other concern is frightening--all in the name of a vain attempt to please the expectations of Wall Street analysts.


Eaglecries said...

Great post you made here.

Actually if the Democrats do not make the tie in of Global warming and the overwhelming dependence on oil here they are missing a golden opportunity.

But then it would not surprise me if they never touch the subject since many of our current elected Democrats seem to be so far out of touch with the real world.

We have to somehow get away from the oil corporations owning America and our Government.

Keep up the great work my friend.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it.