Thursday, September 29, 2005


I just found a picture of the forged memo that was used to justify the infamous words in Bush's 2003 State of the Union speech, together with the official seal of Niger superimposed for comparison.

(click on image or this link to see full-size)

I cannot f'ing believe this. To believe that this is genuine, and then go on national TV to tell of the supposed threat it purports to present, you have to be so desirous to go to war that you cannot possibly listen to any evidence to the contrary. You have to want it REAL bad. And then to out the CIA operative whose husband--a lifelong public servant--clarified and publicized that it was an obvious forgery with no truth behind it, and then go on a smear campaign against the man himself for pointing out the obvious truth? That requires a desire so all-consuming that it goes beyond an inability to see the truth, or worse, an ability to see it and a ruthless method of hiding it. That requires a willingness to see our country's public servants die to preserve the cohesiveness of something you know is false.

They attacked Joe Wilson's credibility to defend THIS? They outed Valerie Plame to defend THIS? To keep the American public convinced of the threat of a mushroom cloud based on the content document that looked like it was forged by a bored high-school student? That's criminal.

Then again, what isn't criminal about this administration these days? Between Delay's indictment, Frist's SEC investigation, and now Larry Franklin pleading guity, can Rove, Libby and even Cheney be far behind? It's time for the hammer to fall--because you can only keep it up for so long before enough becomes enough.

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