Wednesday, September 21, 2005


"The so-called Katrina tax hikes are not about Katrina; they're about tax hikes and will only serve to balloon the oversized, under-responsive emergency-management system that broke down three weeks ago in the wake of the hurricane," DeLay said in a House floor speech, according to prepared remarks provided by his office.

Utter brilliance. Except for the fact that the money in question is going to go to reconstruction of the damage to the gulf coast, not to fund bureaucracy.

See, what Tom Delay doesn't understand is that tax increases--or, since revenue has been gutted so much as it is, I should actually call it revenue restoration--don't create bureaucracy. Legislation creates bureaucracy. To that end, I propose that Tom Delay help streamline FEMA bureaucracy by making it a cabinet-level position outside the grasp of the Homeland Security Department, and then create a way to pay for it that doesn't include cutting all the funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting--such as, for instance, revoking the $500 million dollars for the bridges in Alaska. Or the $115 million in pork that Delay himself brought back to Houston. Take a lead from Bozeman, Montana. Or even from your archenemy Nancy Pelosi.

Act like you care. Act like you have a soul, Mr. Delay. Even if you don't really have one, it's good politics to pretend that you do.

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