Thursday, September 22, 2005


This, by way of Sirota at Working for Change.

The Republicans want to help pay for Katrina by cutting health care benefits for the military. Not by cutting $500 million for bridges that would serve about 100 people (that adds up to $5 million per person, if my math is right), but by reducing healthcare for troops. These people are sick. Absolutely disgusting. And somehow, we just can't get over the hump on the monopoly that Republicans have over the military, no matter how much they cut veterans' benefits, close VA hospitals, cut troop payments and healthcare, and send them to die in the service of creating an terrorism-rife Islamic Republic.

This makes me angry at three different kinds of people:

1) The Republican nutjobs who put their pork and tax cuts for the rich ahead of the good of our military;
2) The brainwashed idiots who continue to vote for them because they talk about gays and abortion;
3) The Democrats who do not proclaim loud and clear, every day, in Congress and elsewhere, that these people have been doing this for years, and when will you other people realize what's going on, thank you very much.

Because if I ever got into congress, or had access to power or crowds, I would say it every single day. I would talk about their gutting of our military to enrich their friends every day. Because I'm proud of the work that our military does, and it should finally have civilian and intelligence leadership to match.

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