Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Make the bad news stop"

One of the main reasons I keep on visiting and blogging about their diaries and comments is because it's interesting to take a gander at an organization that constantly looks like it's on the verge of imploding--even if it never actually does.

My latest example in this vein comes from an interesting piece of news about the Miers nomination, as written by Leon H. In this piece, he writes about how Miers, according to this story in the Washgington Post, completely misinterpreted the Equal Protection Clause as mandating affirmative action.

What is interesting to me about this particular piece is not how incompetent Miers is--we knew that already. Nor even is it about how Miers misinterpreted the law in favor of a distinctly liberal cause. Nor even is it the usual "look how they're imploding!" crowing that is so common on Daily Kos.

To me, rather, the most interesting sentence in Leon's post is the last one:

Someone has got to make the flood of bad news regarding this nominee stop.

To me, this is a better indicator of what is wrong with current Republicanism than anything else. If the equivalent were happening to a Democratic president appointing a Democratic nominee, I imagine that most Democratic bloggers would have instead written something like, "we need a new nominee."

But the Republicans? No. They won't do that. You see, they're going to do exactly what they're going to do. And if it's a complete and total public embarrassment, the solution isn't to change the policy to something that works--rather, it's to shut down the news.

A note to Leon: since you're so concerned about making the bad news stop, I'll give you some ways of doing that. You want the bad news to stop about Miers? Try appointing a qualified non-crony like Roberts. You Republcians want the bad news to stop about Iraq? Pull out and distance yourself from the incompetent fools who lied their way into it. You want the bad news to stop about Social Security? Don't gut it. You want the bad news to stop about the economy? Stop looting the U.S. treasury. Want the bad news to stop about global warming? Try doing something, anything, to help us achieve gain energy independence based on renewable sources. You want the bad news to stop about Delay? Try maintaining House ethics standards, instead of easing them. Want the bad news to stop about Rove and Libby? Not committing treason is an easy solution.

In short, you won't have nearly as much bad news if you don't create it.

The McCarthy types in the Republican party need to understand that you can only create a limited amount of bad news to serve your own self-interests before it comes back to bite you in the ass. And when bad crap happens because of it, it's not the fault of "liberals playing partisan politics" for pointing it out--it's your fault for encouraging it for all these years.

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