Monday, October 17, 2005

RedState crows over Iraq Constitution??

Read it here.

Some things in life are funny; others are downright hilarious. This falls into the latter category.

So here they are, feeling all self-assured and confident because the Iraq Constitution was apparently ratified, a full 2 1/2 years after the occupation of Iraq commenced. Not only that, but they're celebrating the passage of a constitution that could essentially be used to turn the country into an Islamic theocracy--a constitution that many social and religious conservatives were completely unhappy about. They're celebrating taking a country that posed no threat to us and turning it into a country that will probably ally itself with Iran, with Sunnis staging an armed insurrection from time to time.

Of course, whether or not Iraq has a constitution says nothing about our army's complete and total inability to stop the insurgency, which continues to get more violent as time goes by with no sign of relenting. This new constitution will do nothing to address the vacuum that will be created by the departure of U.S. troops. It does nothing to address the fact that there is at most one Iraqi army battalion ready to take on insurgents. Furthermore, it does nothing to address the fact that the Sunnis have no political power: Apparently, if 100% of Sunnis had voted against the constitution--opposition to the document in Tikrit was 96%--it still wouldn't have mattered, and the Shi'ite and Kurdish support would have carried the day. As Armando points out--does anyone really think that the demonstration of the total lack of political power of the Sunni areas will cause the insurgency to lose support?

So that's right, Republicans. Revel in the insignificant solidification of Islamism in the model democracy you wanted to create in the Middle East. Or was that your way of getting WMD's and defeating Al-Qaida? Because as Condi said: the people that flew the actual planes into the buildings just weren't all that important.

As a final note, I appreciate the usage of the term "Cassandra." Yes, Cassandra prophesied doom and gloom, and that's what Mr. Yousefzadeh is mocking us for here. But I would like to make a point: Cassandra's source of fame is what? You guessed it: THE FACT THAT SHE WAS ALWAYS RIGHT, YOU PHILISTINE FOOL OF A WINGNUT! So keep on calling us "Cassandras" because at this point I'm quite happy with the term. We were right about your tax cuts and the economy; we were right about the environment; we were right about abstinence education; we were right about Iraq...we've been spot on about just about everything. So thank you, Pejman, for finally calling us a name that we can agree with.

On a final note--if you like the way things are going in Iraq, you can be paid to move there:

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