Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Return every illegal entrant"

From Chertoff, via the San Jose Mercury News. This, together with the inclusion of a guest-worker program, sounds like an interesting goal--the merits and ideology may be debatable, but it doesn't change the fact that entering this country illegally, is, well, illegal, and current laws should be enforced, IMHO.

What gets to me most, though, is the last quote:

[Chertoff] agreed with Kennedy that trying to deport all illegal immigrants would not be possible. "It would take billions and billions and billions of dollars to do it," Chertoff said.

How many billions, Michael? Say, how about...200 billion? Throw in a few extra hundred million from some Alaskan bridges and you're well on your way.

A month ago I wrote on Daily Kos about how immigration was going to be the next major issue, and it looks like we're well on our way--but to me, it's a discussion that needs to be had, and unlike terrorism, it doesn't cut just one way. Opinions on this issue are widely divided, even within individual political views. Furthermore, the racial, economic and social problems associated with the immigration issue are so broad and complex that discussion of them cannot simply be broken down into "get the bad guys" and "my opponents hate America." Furthermore, the Movement Conservatives do not care too deeply about this issue, choosing instead to focus on their core issues, abortion and homosexuality (and boycotting any organization that shows any degree of understanding). This leaves the Southern Strategist Freepers at odds with the business community. On the Democratic side, we can't be seen as ignoring the law or tolerant of wasting public money on illegal entry, which will put us at odds with each other. But all in all, it's a debate that concerns the future of America, and it needs to be had.

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