Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Iraqi insurgency is good!!

One of the latest pieces of idiocy from the...well...idiots at Redstate. Read it here if you dare.

According to this diarist, the Iraqi insurgency that has killed 2000 U.S. troops and countless thousands of Iraqis is a good thing because it will give the Iraqis something to be proud of if they defeat it--whereas if the country had actually been stabilized by U.S. forces, if that were even possible to begin with, it would have had a detrimental effect long-term on Iraq because they wouldn't have earned it.

It's also too bad that there wasn't a long, drawn-out pro-Milosevic insurgency in Serbia that killed several thousand NATO troops because if there had been, the democracy might be a bit more stable now, and.../sarcasm

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