Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pro-Life Carpool

via Andrew Sullivan:

A nine-month pregnant woman in Arizona is contesting a citation for a violation of the HOV lane. The state argues that there was only one person in the car. She argues that her unborn son counts as a person. I wonder on whose side the "law-and-order" pro-lifers would come down.

On a side note--it seems to me that had prop 73 passed here in the Golden State, it would have given pregnant women the constitutional right to ride solo in HOV lanes owing to the way that prop 73 would have redefined abortion in the state constitution.

Of course, one can easily imagine that had such an event taken place after an imaginary prop 73 passage, the pro-lifers would have tried to pass a law limiting HOV use to married women, because in their minds failure to limit according to these standards would just encourage welfare mothers to get pregnant so they can use the HOV lane while they leave their other children abandoned at home.

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