Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving or theocracy?

According to...[sigh]
, the purpose of Thanksgiving is to give thanks to Jesus Christ. That is, at any rate, the best conclusion I can draw from the simple fact that in the posted transcript of Congress' 1782 resolution, any reference to the divine is capitalized, including the dating system in the "year of our LORD" 1782. Of course, based on the fact that Almighty God receives plenty of "hits" in the document, but "Jesus" never does, one can conclude one of two things: a) the 1782 Congress was comprised of a bunch of Old-Testament-worshipping Mennonites; or b) the references were intentionally non-denominational, except for the Anno Domini thing, which does seem to be a common reference point for determining what year something happened in, at least in the West.

If that's what these increasingly devoted followers of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson want to say Thanksgiving is all about, I have absolutely no problem with that. The only thing I can't really stand is hypocrisy. If they want America to be dependent on divine edict for its laws, that's fine. They have the right to that position, as long as they maintain the position that other nations--such as Iraq, Iran, and whichever other ones so choose--also have the right to govern themselves by the theocracy of their choosing.

I also agree with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, incidentally, that it is a travesty that our American soldiers are being sent to die to stabilize a country whose consitution now dictates that laws shall be based primarily on Sharia. I just think that because of this, our multi-millionaire preachers--who have not sold all they had to give to the poor, last time I checked--should recognize the folly of attempting to attribute the creation of Democracy to the Christian tradition, rather than to the epistemological principles established in the Enlightenment Period.

For the record, the [sigh] above should be read with the same intonation as that of Will Ferrell's Alex Trebek when he resigns himself to introducing "Sean Connery" yet again on Celebrity Jeopardy. It's that same sort of "here we go again" resignation.

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