Friday, December 09, 2005


Here are the appalling final results.

I say appalling not because Steve Young lost by so much--he was a Democrat running in a heavily Republican area who was mired by allegations of not being a good family man and got no support from the state party or the DCCC. I expected him to lose handily, and the 17% margin does not surprise me. What does surprise me is that Gilchrist, the founder of the minutemen, got well above the 18% everyone expected him to get. Yes, the representative of the American Independent Party, the California affiliate of the Constitution Party, garnered over one-quarter of the total votes cast.

If this isn't enough to convince Democrats that immigration will be the next big issue in the upcoming 2008 presidential cycle, I don't know what is. I've blogged about it repeatedly, and I fear that the Democratic party is going to remain silent on immigration for fear of alienating their Latino voters. But just like on terrorism--without a coherent message, we'll get killed, even if the other party's message will in fact make the problem worse.

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