Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Those liberal FISA judges rejected .1% of our requests!!!

Streiff at RedState just proved he can't do math.

Take this wonderful passage:

But since 2001, the judges have modified 179 of the 5,645 requests for court-ordered surveillance by the Bush administration. A total of 173 of those court-ordered "substantive modifications" took place in 2003 and 2004, the most recent years for which public records are available.

That’s right. Since we’ve been at war this court has modified 179 of the 181 requests for warrants presented to it.

Uh...where did that "181" number come from? To me, it looks like it's what the source said: 179 of 5,645.

Or this gem:

Yes. That’s right. Since we’ve been at war the court has rejected or deferred six requests.

Six requests! Out of nearly 6,000! Damn those liberal obstructionist FISA court judges for blocking a little over .1% of warrant requests made to them! They must want the terrorists to win. Or maybe they're just following the rule of law.

Streiff also proves without a doubt that he is a Gestapo brownshirt:

Wars are not waged by warrants, writs, and depositions. They are waged by hard men, kicking down doors in the night. Wars are not waged by arrests and indictments. They are waged by whisking suspected enemy combatants and sympathizers off the street and spiriting them away to parts unknown. Wars are not waged by wiretaps justified by probable cause. They are waged by intelligence operations directed against anyone in communications with our enemies, and these operations may include intercepting their communications, and rifling their papers and possessions, before kicking down their door and whisking them away to some Third World hellhole.

Apparently, if you slap the word "war" on something, then any action is justified, regardless of any sort of rule of law. I wonder who the next "enemy combatants" are going to be. It's funny: when we had a "war on drugs" I didn't notice this sort of thing happening. Apparently, one terrorist attack is enough to make people want to turn this country into a Stasi-style "desaparecidos"-generating police state. I guess that if it works for South America, it works for us too.

Streiff also doesn't believe in separation of powers:

From the beginning of this pseudo-scandal I’ve held the opinion that it is ridiculous for any Administration, Democrat or American, to ask permission of a freakin court – a court, mind you, not Congress - to carry out actions it has the authority to do. This analysis of recent FISA warrants shows the Administration was not only justified in principle but required to do so by the actions of the FISA court itself.

Streiff apparently favors monarchical executive powers with no judicial review. Note also the phrase "Democrat or American." Apparently, Streiff does not believe I am an American patriot, when in fact I am the staunchest supporter of America and its foundation upon the rule of law. But a phrase like that should tell you something. Streiff might want to break down the doors of suspected terrorists in the middle of the night and whisk them away to third-world hellholes--and people might think that's okay. But the next type of person Streiff might want to go after? People like me. People whom he considers "un-American" and "terrorist sympathizers."

Who's next, Streiff? And why should I trust you?

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