Friday, January 06, 2006

CA-24: three candidates in the primary!

I am back in L.A. after having attended a forum hosted by the Camarillo Democratic Club for the candidates vying to unseat Elton Gallegly in CA-24. The candidates in the race are Mary Pallant, Jill Martinez and Brett Wagner (who was the 2004 nominee and got 34% in the previous election cycle). The mere fact that we have three candidates running for this seat is amazing--it is the first time the Democrats have had a contested primary in this district.

As is obvious from my ActBlue section on this blog, I am a supporter of Mary Pallant. I believe that she has by far the most energy and enthusiasm--as well as ideas for putting the Republicans on the defensive--and will be best at reaching out to the more conservative demographics of the district. Simply put, when compared to the other two candidates, it seemed obvious that Mary has the most potential to give Elton a serious run for his money.

In the interests of full disclosure: I am on Mary Pallant's official campaign staff, although I receive no compensation of any kind, monetary or otherwise.

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