Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bush proposes and Cheney touts government-paid supply-side propaganda.

Apparently for Bush and Cheney, putting pressure, intimidating, browbeating and bribing other federal agencies into reporting only what they wanted and not reporting what they didn't like (e.g. the CIA with Iraq, Education Dept. payola scandal, abstinence education, side effects of abortion, and a bunch of others I'm too tired to name right now) is not enough. Now, they've moved to the realm of creating new offices that they can be assured will tell them whatever they want to hear.

According to The Washington Post, Cheney was at CPAC today touting Bush's proposed "dynamic tax analysis office"--a federal government analysis division that is dedicated to proving the efficacy of supply-side tax cuts. If I weren't living in America, I would think Pravda had come back to life. Oh wait--this is neocon America. It all makes sense. Presumably, the next thing we'll hear is that the "independent and non-partisan dynamic tax analysis office" found that tax cuts are boosting federal revenue. I wonder if we'll get to find out about the background of the people that will be staffing this office. Maybe someone can ask Scotty McC and have him "get back to us" on it.

And the federal government is going to spend $513,000 paying people to repeat the supply-side mantra back and make speculative guesses about a subject that has been a central debate of economists forever--and we all know what direction they're going to guess in:

Yes, Master Bush! Tax cuts for the rich are increasing federal receipts! What's what? Oh, that massive flood of red ink stretching as far as the eye can see? Yeah, you're right, Mr. President, it kinda is reminiscent of when Reagan did the exact same thing, but I gotta tell you Mr. President, without your tax cuts for the wealthy, this would have been a veritable tsunami of red ink! I don't know what shape the federal budget would have been in without all those extra yacht sales tax receipts! It could have been a disaster!

In other news today, NAMBLA announced the creation of a commission to study the positive effects for young boys that ensue from relationships with older men...

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