Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Comment on W's proposal to gut the Social Security death benefit

This comment by Kimberly Stone concerning Bush's proposal to eliminate the Social Security death benefit doesn't just deserve a link. It deserves to be reproduced in full. If profanity offends you, stop reading.

My disgust and rage are beyond words. (3.96 / 104)

Perhaps I should tell Preznit George W. Fucking Asshole Bush that:

(1) I was a widow at 40 years, 1 month, and 1 week. My husband wasn't yet 40 and took his own life. I found out the next day we had nothing in the bank. Nothing. I had about $18 in my wallet, the police had not yet released my husband's wallet to me (which turned out to be empty), and I had a jar of change on the kitchen counter. It costs $5000 to put a dead man in a box and burn him up. He didn't live to draw social security. So, you actually saved thousands. So, Mr. President, Bryan saved you some money and you should thank him, you fatuous fuck, and I did, indeed, take my $255.

(2) My mother was widowed at age 69, a widow of an 83 year old decorated disabled veteran. The treatment of the North Texas Veteran's Administration Hospital toward my father was of a standard of care that would be considered inhumane to a stray dog, much less a man whose body bore permanent scars and disfigurement for your freedom. My father died October 31 and the VA promptly took his entire month's disability payment out of my mother's bank account, and gave us the run around on getting it back. We finally had to humbly beg a Congressman to get them to send us a form, which they took 8 months to process, and then sent us a letter stating we were denied a pension and endure a VA employee saying she hadn't read our 'raggedy ass' letter so she couldn't respond to why the matter hadn't been handled correctly. We hadn't applied for a pension, just for that month's disability payment to be returned. SO, Mr. President, considering your veteran-hating Federal government fucked my mom over for nearly a year, she'll take that $255, thank you very much you worthless filthy maggot of a National Guard deserter.

George W. Bush is scum. Really and truly scum.

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