Thursday, February 09, 2006

This will chill your spine a little

Tom Holsinger comments on a post on the right-leaning blog Volokh Conspiracy's entry regarding the WaPo article referenced below.


You've got to like this part:

Judicial persistence in infringing on the executive's core responsibilities will result in more than resistance - the judicial branch risks its independence. Which is a good thing IMO. If they want to be legislators and executives, they should run for election.

Put back in Roman times, this would read: "In short, judges, if I don't like what you do, I, the Imperial President, will annex you. So you can either support everything that I do, or you can be eliminated. Your positions exists merely at my discretion."

Seriously...I mean, what purpose does this guy think the judicial branch is supposed to serve? A figurehead rubberstamp that gives only the appearance of separation of powers?

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