Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Prodi Wins!

The parliament is still being decided, but it looks like Prodi will be Italy's new PM.

The fact that a challenger could beat an incumbent when the incumbent owns all the TV stations is an amazing fact in and of itself, but I'll save that analysis for those who actually know something about Italian electoral politics. What I'm waiting for is for the American conservative right to go talking to Berlusconi, telling him not to harm and divide his country by asking for excessive recounts, telling him repeatedly and insistently to get over it because Prodi is the new Prime Minister, and to stop being a sore loser in general.

Oh yeah, I forgot: just like Rossi and Gregoire in the Washington gubernatorial contest, recounts are good if they can help the right, because the people deserve the truth, but bad if they can help the left, because then--and apparently only then--they divide the country and create unnecessary acrimony.

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