Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"A well-trained sheep"

That's what Hunter at RedState called me in response to my entry concerning the article by Hitchens.

Here's my reply:

you don't even know me, and you all do yourselves a disservice to believe stuff like this.

What do you really think? You really think that Kos, or Mary Scott O'Connor, gives us marching orders, and we all fall in line? The only thing that point of view shows, Hunter, is that you don't spend much time in the liberal side of the blogosphere, because if you did, you'd understand that we don't do marching orders.

I actually use my brain to write. Need I mention what happened with the GOP Blog, Ken Mehlman, and the phrase "prive retirement accounts"? It's your side that needs all the message control it can get. And to be honest, our party would probably do better if we were all trained sheep that focused exclusively on the same message, but that idea would violate the fundamental ethic of what we're about, which is why it will never happen.

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