Friday, May 05, 2006

Sheer hypocrisy

I don't know how to post caches of webpages. Otherwise I'd post a cache of CNN's home page at this current moment, 12:30PM PST.

Front and center is Rep. Kennedy's face with a heading about how he's entering drug rehab.

Meanwhile, the resignation of CIA chief Porter Goss receives a small link on the sidebar--a link the same size as the article about the dunes on Saturn's moon Titan.

The CNN article about it implies that the main cause of Porter Goss' decision was the promotion of former deathsquad leader John Negroponte--but doesn't mention anything about the speculation concerning the Foggo bribery scandal, nor does it give any mention to Ken Silverstein's report that a former Congressman who holds (held?) a high-level intelligence post was caught up in Duke Cunningham's bribery and prostituion parties--and that someone who fits that description perfectly is Porter Goss.

I will find it especially funny to watch the RedStaters and their ilk attack Kennedy for his drug problem but go to the ends of the earth to defend Rush Limbaugh.

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