Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Isahaqi: the Freeper reaction

I have never read a sicker, more disturbing thing than what I just read over on Daily Kos about the Freeper reaction to the Isahaqi massacre (see my blog post on the subject here.)


This is BS.. everybody knows you can't have a Massacre without a wedding party !!!!
If the article is true...I have NO problem with it. This is war! I feel sorry for these boys...the government will probably want a lamb to slaughter to appease the muslims. Such a shame!
It's a war. Sh*t happens. Get over it.
No worse enemy.
Semper Fi!
If true (probably not) but IF true, it goes to show that one does NOT mess with the U.S. Marine Corps.
---Slow news week. Time to pull out the next anti-military smear.
This will sound cold...but if there was a policy to destroy everyone and everything around an area where an IED had just been detonated and had taken American lives, I'll bet the neighbors would be more interested in not letting foreign terrorists set up IEDs in their neighborhood. Maybe enough to kill a few off. I think we need to play a bit rougher than we are.
This doesn't sound cold at all. It sounds realistic. This IS war after all...all the pussyfooting around our troops are made to do puts them in further danger.
Since the start of this war, I have felt they should take out a ten mile radius wherever our boys were attacked. Plain and simple. If the people of the area don't want to die or lose their towns, then they'd better start actively trying to stop these insurgents.
They are trained to respond with brute force...that's it.
Oh and thats why I love them! :)

In my earlier post, I wanted to see these pictures shown everywhere to convince everyone of the immorality of what is occurring in Iraq. What I wasn't counting on, however, is that a certain contingent of the population would actually wholeheartedly support the murder of innocent children. And by "the murder of innocent children," I mean actual children--not embryos.

These people make me sick. Have I said that before?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Over a barrel (pun intended).

Apparently, our refusal to accept Dubai control of our ports will have repercussions in the global financial community. The UAE is contemplating following Syria's lead in switching some cash reserves from Dollars to Euros:

The head of the United Arab Emirates central bank, Sultan Nasser Al Suweidi, said the bank was considering converting 10 per cent of its reserves from dollars to euros. “They are contravening their own principles,” said Al Suweidi. "Investors are going to take this into consideration (and) will look at investment opportunities through new binoculars.

This obviously political move will, of course, damage the U.S. economy by reducing the demand for dollars--a demand that is the foundation of our debt financing system.

So let's see. Our two options are:

1) acquiesce to control of port operations by the government-operated company of a country with ties to Al-Qaeda that are way too close for comfort;


2) risk the raising of interest rates and other economic uncertainties if we value our own sovereignty and national security.

And why are we in this position? First, because the oil nations of the Middle East still have us over a barrel with regard to energy, partly because in five years, this administration has failed to encourage--and, in fact, has discouraged--research into alternative sources and conservation methodologies. Second, because we have not extirpated Al-Qaeda like this president had promised he would do. Third, because this administration's fiscal irresponsibility--or, more accurately put, looting of the U.S. treasury--has put us in a position where we are dependent on an unstable and ultimately non-sensical overinflated demand for U.S. dollars as a common medium of exchange-- a demand that is based on nothing other than tradition.

And what happens when you have an administration that forces us to become increasingly dependent on that tradition, while giving everyone every possible reason in the world to abandon it just to punish us?

If you ask me, the answer should be: impeachment proceedings. This administration has sold out the security of our country. It's that simple.

On executing Iraqi Children--I'm as mad as hell.

This story--these images--must not be forgotten.

Not only must they not be forgotten, they must become an iconic symbol for the incompetence, lies, gross miscalculations and pure evil that this administration represents.

For those of you that don't already know:

On the early morning of March 15th, U.S. forces raided a house in the village of Isahaqi to find someone accused of helping the insurgents. The end result: 11 dead Iraqis, including 5 children.

The official Iraqi police report gives the ages of the victims in English numerals:

75. 30. 28. 23. 22. 22. 5. 5. 3. 3. 6 months.

Now, at this point, we're used to seeing children die in raids in Iraq as collateral damage. Happens all the time. We saw it in Fahrenheit 9/11. We see it on the news. It's no longer newsworthy. But this is. These pictures are.

Because according to the Iraqi police report, these children weren't accidentally killed--they were murdered, supposedly bound and shot through the back of the head. Now, the Iraqi police report could be just as bad as the information that Bush desperately relied upon to take us to war in the first place--but that's really not the point.

If these children were executed Mafia-style followed by an airstrike on the house, as the Iraqi police say, that is obviously a unconscionable act. But even if they are just more collateral damage, that in and of itself is still a horrific crime--and at this point, images like these of children lined up awaiting burial should generate outrage among a populace that already believes that this unpopular war is a mistake.

The problem is that just exactly with every single other crime this administration has committed--right down to the nitty-gritty of cutting $1.4 million from the CDC's women's cancer detection program, when $1.4 million doesn't even pay for 15 goddamn minutes of Iraq operations--we'll never know the truth unless we take back control of congress. We'll never know what really happened as Isahaqi unless we, the Kossacks, the bloggers, the activists, force our senators, force our representatives, force the press corps, to ask the tough questions. To ask the questions that they are afraid will allow the Bush cabal to portray them as troop-hating traitors.

We, through a public swelling of rage, must convince our champions in D.C. that we are as mad as hell, and we're not going to take it any more. We are going to find out if our soldiers murdered children, and if so, we will hold their commanders accountable--because it is our obligation, not just to ourselves and our fellow citizens, but also because it is our obligation to the world.

We're not going to stand there while Bush cuts funding for feminine cancer detection, while he spends $1,000 times more than those cuts a week killing children in a fruitless occupation. We will not stand by while Bush claims that freedom is on the march, only to see his shining example of Afghanistan execute a man for the simple crime of converting to Christianity. We will not stand idly by while these hypocrites accuse us of fiscal irresponsibility while they rais the debt limit to an unholy $9 TRILLION.

And lastly, we're not going to let them get away with producing more images like these--because there's no difference between the images above, and the one below:

So I want you to write your representatives. Make your phone calls to the media. Write your letters. Call in to your talk show hosts. I want you to do all those things, even more intensively than you have before. I want you to tell them that you're as mad as hell, and you're not going to take it any more.