Thursday, February 22, 2007

No, the REPUBLICANS are validating the Al-Qaeda strategy.

The Republicans and Neocons (or are they one and the same thing?) have been accusing us Democrats for years of helping Al-Qaeda, or being sympathetic to their cause, or of validating their strategy, or some other such accusation that we're helping the terrorists.

Hunter at DailyKos puts that to bed once and for all.

There can be no greater validation of the Al-Qaeda strategy than a bungling U.S. administration that lacked the discipline and will to root out the Taliban from Afghanistan, and is now insisting on continuing a proxy war without the necessary resources or troop levels to actually accomplish anything, while bleeding the U.S. of its treasury and willpower.

Clapping louder won't change the fact that Bush and the Neocons have played right into Al-Qaeda's hands ever since 9/11. The only thing we can do now is refocus and redeploy with a coherent, consistent strategy. And it needs to be refocused on exactly where it should have started in the first place: rooting out the Taliban from Afghanistan and capturing Osama bin Laden, followed by a dedicated reconstruction of the country.

Don't count on it from this administration though.

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