Wednesday, May 02, 2007

For hell's sakes, just send him the same damn bill!

I know other people have said it, but I just want to reemphasize the point in light of the 222-203 vote sustaining the veto.

What troubles me--and many of my fellow Democrats--is this:

Democratic leaders have indicated that a new bill will likely drop withdrawal timelines, but will include benchmarks for the Iraqi government -- measures that are likely to win the support of some Republicans.

Don't even get me started on this. Why exactly is it necessary to win the support of Republicans for this, given the fact that there's only one Republican that matters? It's the Republican party that's out of touch with the country on this--let them go down in flames with their president by continuing to oppose bringing our troops home.

Ok, so we'll have benchmarks for the Iraqi government. And how exactly will those benchmarks be enforced? What exactly is it we're going to say? "You'll either have this much progress made toward disarming the militias by such-and-such date, or we'll wag a finger at you very angrily!"? And how is that any better than what's going on right now? What good is a benchmark without any enforcement mechanism?

Isn't that what the conservatives claimed was wrong with the UN's approach to Iraq in the first place? Then why do they tolerate it here?

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