Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Resolution to censure Feinstein: here's the procedure

As you may know, the Courage Campaign and the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party are pushing a resolution to censure Diane Feinstein. It stands very little chance of passage, but it's a good start nonetheless in making people squirm. For those interested in the nitty-gritty, here are the details in how it would work, as per my comment on the Daily Kos diary about the subject:

this will be submitted as a late resolution at the meeting of the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party in Anaheim next weekend.

It is a great way to show that we're pissed off about Dianne Feinstein, but since it is a late resolution, all it takes is one of the 15 or so members of the Resolutions Committee to object to it so as not to let it pass--late resolutions are required to have the unanimous consent of the Resolutions Committee before being allowed to come before the Committee for alterations or votes for passage.

This resolution will draw at least one objection, which will kill it in Committee. The authors have the right to collect signatures of executive board members to bring it to the floor for ratification, and there is a strong likelihood that they'll be able to do that. But the Executive Board as a whole is not the most progressive of bodies--they voted against my resolution to call for the impeachment of Alberto Gonzales in August because they thought it would make the party seem too "radical."

So assuming it moves in that direction, the resolution will fail on the floor.

Which doesn't mean that I don't wholeheartedly support it: I'm a co-sponsor. But I just like to make sure everyone knows exactly what will happen to this at every step of the way.

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