Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dirty Tricks Initiative using direct mail

I wrote a post for Calitics about the direct mail piece I accidentally received from California Counts, the organization funding the "dirty tricks initiative" designed to siphon off at least 20 electoral votes from California to the Republican nominee in 2008. That post was then picked up by California Progress Report.

The post is basically the same in both places, so go check it out.

In addition, we also now know who's funding the initiative--turns out, once again, it's a bunch of GOP operatives, including the California Republican Party. So, I'm not exactly sure how Darrell Issa can keep claiming it's non-partisan, but I'm sure he'll still find a way to keep on pushing Hillary Clinton's non-partisan worst nightmare.

United Hollywood

I live in Los Angeles, and obviously, the Writers Guild strike is a huge deal. I had the good fortune of being brought on by the WGA to help them with creating a blog and with outreach to other online communities. I'm happy to say that the fruit of our collective labor is the new blog written by the captains of the Writers Guild, United Hollywood.

I wish the writers the best of luck in getting their message out over the top of the trade publications like Variety, which tends to have its coverage slanted toward the AMPTP side of things. And I hope they get the percentage of internet revenues they so richly deserve.