Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Honestly, they must be nuts

I was just egosurfing today, and saw this post at Riehlworldview. Apparently, Riehlworldview thought they (whoever they are) could influence Nevadans to vote against Obama...simply because I was going there and I had cut some edgy videos against Proposition 8?

Honestly..."Obama dispateches [me] to Nevada"? What the hell are they thinking? That Barack personally called me up as an inner member of his cabal and said, "You're needed in Nevada!"? Who the hell do they think I am, Darth Maul?

Honestly. The word "dispatch" is one that gets used for, say, sending high-profile surrogates like Senators or primary campaign rivals. I was "dispatched"? I really appreciate the honor.

Next thing you know, they're going to say that I paid for the gas to drive out using George Soros' credit card.

And you've got to love this. From the comments:

Not a smart move. There are a lot of LDS in NV (third only behind UT and ID) and with an RCP average of only +4.2 for The One, this move could well galvanize the McCain turn out and give this state to McCain.

Right, Jonathan. Because "dispatching" me as one of thousands of GOTV volunteers to Nevada could really galvanize the right because I'm that damn important!

LOL. Of course, as they say on the sports court...SCOREBOARD!!!

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