Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gavin Newsom for Governor? How about no.

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom opened a campaign account to start fundraising to succeed Jerry Brown as Governor in 2018. My thoughts? How about no: Don't get me wrong: I respect Newsom for taking a stand on marriage equality long before it was popular or convenient. But his record on other issues is much more dicey. He flip-flopped on California High-Speed Rail at a time when the program was in dire straits and needed all the support it could get. In 2008, he ended San Francisco's sanctuary city policy for juvenile undocumented immigrants. His record on renter's rights is spotty at best. He sided with Rick Perry in the ideological cold war between Texas and California on taxation and job creation (which California is winning, by the way). And in a move that progressive activists won't easily forget, Newsom endorsed Ro Khanna in his right-leaning effort to unseat longtime progressive Congressman Mike Honda. Newsom will be formidable, obviously. He has name ID and will be able to raise significant money from the tech circle and venture capital. But progressives will be thirsting for a viable alternative.

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