Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Russ Feingold, once and future Senator (D-WI)

Blogging from mobile so this could be a bit awkward--but PPP has a poll showing former Senator Russ Feingold with a decisive lead over the man who beat him in the 2010 Republican wave year, Ron Johnson:

It's normally a bad sign for an incumbent when you're polling below 50 percent. It's an even worse sign when your opponent is polling at 50 percent. All in all though, it just goes to show that we have two different electorates in this country. The electorate that will send Feingold back to the Senate and deliver its Electoral College votes to Hillary Clinton isn't the same one that voted in Scott Walker. And if all such statewide elections had presidential turnout, Scott Walker would be a trivia footnote instead of the current Republican front runner.

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